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how E1A began

E1A began a short time ago after Chris Hoff received 3 dreams over a period of 3 consecutive nights. When praying into them, he began to see bridges being built and cities gathering together hosting 3-4 day events.  During these events they were inspiring, equipping and mobilizing the body of Christ how to empower one another to walk in the fullness of their God dreams. It became apparent to Chris that it was time for a ministry that would empower the God dreams of a nation and help bring forth another great awakening.  


Attend An E1A Event


Do you have a dream you feel is from God, but you’re not sure what to do next?  Do you have a desire to empower others to pursue their dreams?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you won’t want to miss these events… your gateway to fulfilling your dream!

Now is the time for you to be empowered to build your dream and we're going to help you, so that you can help others!  

  • John wants to bring glory to God by starting his own business and inventing products that solve tomorrow’s problems
  • Caroline wants to start a ministry to bring the gospel of Jesus to Indonesia

  • Rob wants to influence culture with Kingdom values by producing films in Hollywood that will change a nation while his best friend Joey wants to release the Presence of God through his music

  • Matthew wants to bring the wisdom of God back into the government to restore His place as the Providential Hand that guides our nation’s leaders. 

  • Rebeccah has a passion to restore broken families and create healthy, loving home environments where the love of God is tangible.

  • Sam wants to utilize the media to report good news of what Jesus is doing all over the world and create news centers of hope.

  • Lezlie wants to bring Jesus back into our educational system, speak identity into children, and equip them to become who they are called to be.

Your love for Jesus not only allows you to dream, but to dream without borders. 


So what’s your dream?  When you think about your dream, what is missing?  Is it connections?  Funding?  Knowledge?  Skill sets?  Are you trying to do it on your own, and you’re not quite sure how to make God an integral part of the process?  Do you have a burning desire to help others pursue their dreams, but you’re not quite sure how to do it?  Do you have a dream but you feel like you’re missing key elements or key people to help you do it?

When you attend an E1A event you will  get inspired, equipped, and mobilized to build your God-given dream and propel others into theirs.   Learn practical tools from Spirit filled, successful and seasoned professionals who have already built some of their dreams, including starting a new business, a ministry, going into the mission fields, or turning a hobby of gifting into a money-making venture.  They’re “doing the stuff” day in and day out and want to equip you to do the same!  We want to EMPOWER you to see God’s dream in you realized.

“If God has given you a dream, then you have the backing and authority of the Creator of the heavens and the earth to pursue it.  You do not need any other qualification than that of Almighty God."   - Chris Hoff