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Discover what inspired and birthed E1A.

Our Vision

This ministry was started when I was asked to share a message centered around how I started the company Pettyjohn Electronics. The company started as I began to empower a friend's dream for a new guitar pedal. That turned into a profitable company that is now in 5 different countries and 30 different stores worldwide in less than 1 year. The message I was asked to share was regarding Empowering One Another and how what we do as believers is not done in a vacuum but rather connected with ramifications on everyone, to some extent, inside the church.

When I shared this message there was an overwhelming response for more material and information that could be shared. Since none existed other than what I had shared I began pondering whether or not I should write a book about it to help provide people with more resources on this subject. My pastor approached me about writing an article for the Elijah List about what I had taught on that morning at church.  I started by writing this article "Dreaming with God" for the Elijah List. When it was published again I experienced an overwhelming response for more information.  Based upon the response from the article, I knew God was confirming for me to write a book, but it didn't stop there.

...what we do as believers is not done in a vacuum, but rather connected with ramifications on everyone...

As I began to undertake this project I was given a series of 3 dreams over a 3 consecutive night period.  The first dream I had I was standing in a glass house on the edge of a cliff overlooking a large canyonwith land on the other side. There was an older man standing next to me who was a contractor by trade.  In the dream I knew that we were supposed to build a bridge across this canyon so that people could migrate to this new territory and develop a city.  I looked at the gentleman next to me and asked him if anyone had ever tried building a bridge there before.  He replied, “Yes, on many occasions, but the ground has always been too hard for us to breakthrough in order to create a strong foundation for construction.”  I asked him to show me the equipment they had been using and to my surprise he said, “Just this pick axe.”  I was shocked!  I asked him if he was serious. There was no response, only a look of confusion as if he knew of no other way to work, but through brute force. I began to educate him on the need for modern technology and the need to upgrade their equipment to work smarter instead of harder. I pulled out my cell phone and began making a few calls to bring in modern day technology to do this work and the dream ended.  On the second night, I had a dream that I was in my family's old station wagon from when I was a kid.  My wife and I were sitting in the back seat, my brother in the far back seat and my grandmother in the front passenger's seat.  When my dad got in the driver's seat he turned to me and handed me a pile of gifts and told me to distribute them accordingly.  At that same moment, my grandmother turned to me and handed me a check for $5,000 and said that this was my inheritance and to steward it wisely.  The third  and final night of this series of dreams I had this last dream where I was walking into a large 3 story circular sanctuary. 

The place was packed with many people on every level.  I looked across the sanctuary from where I had entered and noticed a family from my childhood seated on the first level.  As I approached them, they smiled and gave me a surprising look of confusion.  They asked me what I was doing. Taken back, I said, “What do you mean?” The mother responded saying, “We’ve all gathered in this place to hear you share your heart.”  I didn’t understand, but reluctantly stepped out onto the empty stage and the dream changed.  Immediately, I was standing over a nuclear reactor and was dressed in white protective hazard clothing to protect me from the elements.  There were two other nuclear scientists standing on either side of this reactor operating a piece of machinery that was mining through the nuclear content for something very important. As the machine recoiled from the reactor, it pulled out a large black box. The scientists brought it over to me and as I began to open it I had this feeling come over me that this was something of the highest importance for people all over the country and then I woke up.  As I prayed over these dreams it became apparent that God was speaking to me. I’ve never had 3 dreams over consecutive nights like this before.  God had my complete attention.  When I began to pray I began to see cities gathering together in their states where a ministry was hosting 3-4 day events inspring, equipping and mobilizing people to empower one another to build their God dreams. Everytime I would ponder over this I would see these gatherings flash in front of my mind.  It became apparent to me that what started as a testimony of a small company, Pettyjohn Electronics was meant to birth a movement that will empower a country and other parts of the world and become instrumental in contributing to a great awakening that prepares the way!

OUr Mission

E1A inspires, equips and mobilizes people to build their God dreams together.